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It's Easy To Disregard It When It's Not Your Problem

Now, I've talked about Cultural Appropriation and I've talked about the problem with the phrase "I'm colorblind". Well now you're getting a two for one special and it's not something I enjoy gifting to you but it's important so we have to deal with it.

There's a certain kind of person who partakes in these acts. They think they're innocent, they say that they're not racist and that they would never do anything to hurt anyone. I don't doubt that they aren't doing it on purpose but they are doing it. It's a casual kind of racism. It's something that went unnoticed for a long time until recently and it needs to be called out and brought to people's attention.

It's disregarding things that are racist because it's not your problem. It's easy to see things in a black and white way (no pun intended) when it's not your issue and you don't have to deal with it.

Marc Jacobs put on a fashion show for New York F…

Age Difference and What It Means In A Relationship

When you're young, one of the things you think about is the kind of person you'd like to be with and for a lot of people the idea of being with someone older and more mature has crossed your mind. It's okay to admit it. No shame. But once you become an adult, hopefully you realize that it's not an okay thing to be a part of.

What a lot of teenagers don't realize is that when you date someone who's considerably and noticeably older than you, is that there's a clear power play going on. Whether intentional or not it's there and it's not healthy. If you're a freshman and you're dating a senior it's not going to be a healthy relationship.

You may not notice it but a few years makes a world of difference in terms of life experience, wisdom, and thought process. What you know now and the opinions you have will be wildly different in a few years and you'll look back on your younger self with nostalgia but also a sense of relief at how you&#…

Making Your Own Way

As cliche as it sounds, for a lot of people finding a traditional job is very hard. When the job rate in this country is what it is, some of us just don't get hired and that's a fact.

People around you will tell you that you're not trying hard enough and that you aren't really looking but you know you are and that hurts. It hurts a lot. Luckily for those of us who aren't fortunate enough to be hired by the hundreds of places we apply to, there's alternatives. Ways to make money off of our talents and interests in a way that's both fulfilling and enjoyable.

It's the thing that most of us use on a daily basis: The internet. Yes the internet has become a godsend for many people. It's something that for the most part you do on your terms and the way you want. You're free to make your own hours and choose to do projects that speak to you and the way you want to express yourself.

Whether it's being on Youtube and offering your own opinions and vie…

Youtube, Ads, and Censorship

If you're someone who's always on Youtube as I am, then you've most likely seen some people talk about Youtube's new guidelines and restrictions when it comes to content creators and they're ability to monetize their videos. Something that enables them to make money on Youtube.

For most of your favorite youtubers, Youtube is their primary source of income. It's how they pay their bills and feed themselves and their families while at the same time doing something they're passionate about, so these new guidelines may very well throw a wrench in that and cause them to seek fulfillment elsewhere.

According to these new guidelines, things such as: Profanity, Controversial topics, and Sensitive language will not approved for monetization, because according to them it's not "Advertiser friendly". Now, for some this may seem like a simple thing. Clean up your content and adopt a more family friendly style. Okay, a lot of youtubers do have family frien…