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Gross Double Standard

I was scrolling through social media when I happened upon a very troubling post, or a response to a post, regarding age differences and how they are perceived depending on the gender of the older party in the relationship. And not only was I confused in this person's thinking but I was and still am frightened by this way of thinking.

Basically what the person said was that it is "gross" to come down on a woman for dating a man who is substantially younger than her because "if it were a man" it would be perceived as alright. And what I have to say to that is, you my fellow human have your standards mixed up.

Usually the way I see things being handled is: If a man is pursuing a female who is considerably younger than he is, he's called a perv and a creep. If a woman is pursuing a male who is younger than she, the guy is called a God and a champ and given a pat on the back for getting with a cougar. See: When the public gets wind of teacher/student relationshi…

From A Fellow Music Fan to Manchester

I waited a few days before writing this because I didn't want my emotions to be at a high when I wrote it. But then I realized that the only way to write this was to come at it from a place of feeling. Because we're all feeling this and it hits close to home in many ways for us. There was no way I could write this blog post and not feel anything. I couldn't close myself off from emotion and I shouldn't.
For most if not all people music is a source of happiness and comfort. A link that ties us all together within one art form that’s universal. No matter what language, no matter what continent or country, we all know music. And we all cherish it.
I laid in bed the night of May 22, 2017 and watched as news came in about an attack at the MEN Arena in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert and from the moment I saw the headlines I was hit with extreme sadness at what had taken place. Those people went to that concert to see someone they loved and looked up to. Someone who m…

Another One Bites The Dust

One more down and we've not even hit summer yet!

Trump fires FBI Director James Comey in what can only be called a clear effort to derail investigation. Trump cites Comey's mishandling of Hillary Clinton's email investigation as the reason but we all know that's not true. The FBI has been investigating the Trump Administration's ties to Russia and he felt threatened. He was threatened that evidence would come out and he wouldn't be able to deny the obvious any longer. That not only does he have connections to Russia but Russia was integral in his winning the presidency. Of course during a meeting with NBC he denied such a thing but we all know that's not true. Just as him denying his ties to Russia is a blatant untruth.

You know things are bad when both Democrats AND Republicans are calling for an independent investigation away from the FBI as concerns about the bureau's independence are called into question. Trump is trying so very hard to push bad thi…