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The Problem with Monopolies

For those of us who have cable in the US I can almost guarantee that you have Time Warner or as it is now called, Spectrum cable. I also can almost guarantee that you are struggling to pay that hefty bill each and every month. At least if you're in the class bracket that I am or lower. I'm about at the lower middle class just for reference. Now I'm not complaining. My family has enough to survive and while cable and internet isn't essential for our bodily and health needs, it is a necessity in this day and age. Especially when it comes to internet.

Back to the issue at hand. Now, if you have Spectrum cable you may have been excited when you heard about the buy out. "New changes are coming!", you may have thought. "They might lower prices!", you hoped. Not so much. Instead they're cutting channels. Up to about 14 channels and the programming along with it. Which is not at all what customers were hoping for. And for a company that likes to adverti…