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Fashion and Politics

I originally pitched this piece to a website who said that "It's a little too broad" for their website. Which, fine. That's within their right to reject it. So I'll just post it here instead. 

There’s this attitude among a certain section of society that likes to look at fashion and beauty as a “frivolous hobby and use of time”, but I disagree with that sentiment wholeheartedly. Especially when people use this line of thinking as to why someone should keep up with politics and world events.
Being that fashion is all about expressing yourself and projecting the image you want to put out into the world, there’s no way that’s not political. There’s no way those two things are not interconnected. When you wake up in the morning and get ready for the day, whether you wear a face full of makeup or just some lip balm, that’s your personal identity that you’re expressing to the world. When you pick out your clothes for the day you’re putting your best foot forward. You’re…

Give Up Those White Sticks and Handle Stress A Different Way

I'm someone who is VERY against the use and distribution of cigarettes. I don't see the appeal, I think they're disgusting and the health risks are not worth the small window of stress relief that they provide. Seriously. Get a new coping mechanism.

I know you've heard it all before. That cigarettes cause cancer and that they contain literal poison. While some things that people say to deter you from using them are quite frankly baseless scare speech, some of it is truthful and in the grand scheme of things even two facts should be enough to keep you away from these small sticks of terror. Just keep in mind that I'm not saying these things to judge anyone with an addiction. There are many people in my family who are smokers and I hate it dearly which is why I'm trying to save other people's family members. I'm trying to save you the stress of watching your loved one's struggle to deal with their stress.

My first point is the cancer claim. All in all…

They Trojan Horsed Us

Yep, that's right. While we were too busy paying attention to Trump crying wolf about Obama wiretapping Trump Towers (Seriously...) the rest of the snakes were slithering their way to more oppression. They snuck their way past and moved forward with some very damaging bills that they're trying to put into action. You better sit down for this list of travesties. It's really nothing new but when I break down the destruction we're possibly heading towards, it'll make your head spin.

The first is H.R. 861 which is to terminate The EPA aka The Environmental Protection Agency. Our planet is suffering enough and it's only getting worse as time goes on. Without the EPA to keep things in check, the issues we're currently facing are only going to accelerate at a higher momentum, bringing about unprecedented damage to our ecosystems and wildlife. Not to mention the damage to our food and water sources. Ahem, DAPL anybody? Flint Water Crises ring a bell?

The second is …

Another Domino Falls

Oh look, another brick in the walls of lies that make up Trump's administration. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was caught in quite the lie. Considering what the lie was about, he better be ready to face the consequences.

If you haven't heard, Sessions lied under oath and said that he had no contact with Russia whatsoever. In the words of Maury, that was a lie. Not only did he meet with Russia's ambassador and lie about it under oath but people noticed that this action goes against a statement he made in 1999 when lying under oath was an issue. Though, he seemed to only have a problem with Bill Clinton lying under oath. But when he does it, he has no choice but to. At least that's what Trump says. In his opinion it's okay that Sessions told a tremendous lie.

Or maybe it's that this lie had to do with Trump's favorite people, Russia. Because when it comes to Russia, Trump can't seem to get enough of them. They hacked Hillary's emails, Trump donated a…