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Bullying In The Locker Room: Tradition or Toxic Masculinity?

Recently there has been a lot of talk surrounding the Mauro Ranallo and JBL situation going on in WWE. As a wrestling fan, I've been a fan going on about nine years, there has always been talk about backstage "ribbing" as they call it. Which is pranks or a little veteran on newbie hazing.

There is light hearted ribbing and then there's JBL style ribbing. Where he'll do something so outrageous and atrocious that it makes you wonder why he's still working with the company. He'll rib to the point where it comes across as actual harassment. With the things that are out there that both former and current wrestlers have said, he can be classified as a bully. A big bully. But let's start with what's going on right now.

So Smackdown Live color commentator Mauro Ranallo has been missing from WWE TV for quite some time now. He took some time off right around Wrestlemania citing mental health reasons. For those who don't know, Ranallo was diagnosed with …

Mother of All Bombs from The Mother of All Idiots

So after dropping a bomb on Syria in a display of stupidity that measures on the Richter scale, Trump decided that he'd pull a double and drop a bomb on Afghanistan. You know, the place that we've been trying so hard to get out of because of the whole "Weapons of mass destruction" debacle made by Bush.

He can say all he wants that it's to stop Isis but if he really cared about that and the danger that's being caused to the people over there he wouldn't be going on his anti immigration kick. Because apparently, caring about the actual people affected isn't as important as trying out these destructive pieces of machinery that cause lifetimes worth of damage. Just look at Japan if you want to know what dropping bombs lead to. The radiation over there is so sad. It's so tragic to look at those people suffer when they should not have to. When America dropped those two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki it caused irreparable damage that I just don't th…

Is Targeting Your Influencers a Bad Business Move? This Blogger Thinks So

As a video game fan, a lifelong video game fan, I'm very involved in the gaming community and have been since I first set foot on the internet.

Most of my Youtube subscriptions are gaming channels. Because I love to watch Let's Plays and that's also how I find out about different games or decide if I myself want to play those games. Not to mention the fact that I'm on the lower end of the income bracket so sometimes this is the only way I'll ever experience some games until I can stabilize my income and be able to afford to treat myself to the newest gaming systems and titles. I know for a lot of other gaming enthusiasts this is the case as well.

That being said, color me surprised when one of my favorite gaming channels, Kubzscouts posts their second episode of Persona 5 Let's Play and they inform us viewers that Atlus, the company who produces these games, has placed a strict ban on streaming and posting videos of the game past a certain point and also placed…

Being Ignorant is No Excuse To Be Tone Deaf

So...most of us are either incredibly angry, not surprised, or a combination of both at the recent Pepsi commercial that came out. For those who haven't seen it, it's Kendell Jenner leaving a shoot for something, probably a pictorial. Model and all. She then joins a protest, but instead of sticking with the people who are trying to get their voices heard and make a point, she hands a Pepsi to a policeman who smiles and that's how the commercial ends.

I don't know what Pepsi was going for. Saying that the only way to make things better is to work with the police? I'm not sure. But the commercial comes off very tone deaf and as if not only Pepsi but Kendell missed the entire point of Black Lives Matter and every other police targeted movement. But that's the thing, isn't it? It's so easy as a privileged rich model or a multi billion dollar company, you just can't see things from our point of view. You'll never fully understand.

But that's no r…