Another One Bites The Dust

One more down and we've not even hit summer yet!

Trump fires FBI Director James Comey in what can only be called a clear effort to derail investigation. Trump cites Comey's mishandling of Hillary Clinton's email investigation as the reason but we all know that's not true. The FBI has been investigating the Trump Administration's ties to Russia and he felt threatened. He was threatened that evidence would come out and he wouldn't be able to deny the obvious any longer. That not only does he have connections to Russia but Russia was integral in his winning the presidency. Of course during a meeting with NBC he denied such a thing but we all know that's not true. Just as him denying his ties to Russia is a blatant untruth.

You know things are bad when both Democrats AND Republicans are calling for an independent investigation away from the FBI as concerns about the bureau's independence are called into question. Trump is trying so very hard to push bad this investigation as much as possible.

The truth is already out there, he's just concerned with the evidence and what that'll do to him. The writings on the wall and he's getting a little hot under the collar. He knows that his time is coming and when it hits not only will he be out of office but he'll be in a world of trouble and he can't take that. So he's doing anything and everything he can to postpone the inevitable.

As for the rest of his administration they also know that once he goes down he's taking everyone else with him. Trump would never take the heat for everyone and they know that. The minute he's found out he's going to spill the beans about everyone else and their part in his political shenanigans.

In the actual letter sent to Comey about his termination Trump cites the investigation and talks about it himself. So it's not like the connection is hard to make. But hey, no one reveals their hand better than Donald himself. He's been painfully transparent since day one. Well, except about his taxes. That one he's been keeping close to his chest. But that's also coming out and he's throwing a fit every step of the way trying to keep his tax history quiet and out of the public eye.

Those in the government, you've been put on notice. Get anywhere near Trumps dirty little secrets and your job is on the line. I personally would rather fall trying to expose the truth than stand for lies but that's something you have to decide for yourself.


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