From A Fellow Music Fan to Manchester

I waited a few days before writing this because I didn't want my emotions to be at a high when I wrote it. But then I realized that the only way to write this was to come at it from a place of feeling. Because we're all feeling this and it hits close to home in many ways for us. There was no way I could write this blog post and not feel anything. I couldn't close myself off from emotion and I shouldn't.

For most if not all people music is a source of happiness and comfort. A link that ties us all together within one art form that’s universal. No matter what language, no matter what continent or country, we all know music. And we all cherish it.

I laid in bed the night of May 22, 2017 and watched as news came in about an attack at the MEN Arena in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert and from the moment I saw the headlines I was hit with extreme sadness at what had taken place. Those people went to that concert to see someone they loved and looked up to. Someone who made their days a little brighter and a little easier to navigate. Those young people, some even children going to their first concert, wanted a few hours where nothing else mattered but the songs they listened to everyday being played live and the atmosphere of being around people who understood them and felt the same thing they felt. That’s what a concert is about. It’s about being with like minded people and sharing in this one occasion that you’ll all remember for the rest of your life. And now many of them will never come home. Many of them will never be the same as when they first walked into that concert with smiles on their faces.

This act of terrorism has taken lives, it’s taken hope and it’s taken the innocence and wonder of many people who never asked to be attacked and didn’t deserve to be hurt in this way. This attack is another reminder that the world can be a very destructive and frightening place. That unfortunately some people just want to watch the world burn and they’ll hurt anyone just to see that happen.

I’m sorry to the people affected by this display of pure evil. To the victims and their families. To Ariana and her family/team. To the security staff who put their lives on the line to protect and comfort. You didn’t deserve this. It’s going to take a long time for everyone to feel a semblance of comfort again. That much is true, but no one has to face that alone.

If you’re wondering what the bare minimum is that you can do, other than donating and volunteering. It’s show support and love. Show Manchester that you stand with them and are keeping them in your thoughts. Be a healing balm on their soul and reach out to them so that they don’t have to face this travesty alone.

If you’re interested in donating here's the JustGiving donation page. Every cent counts.

Prayers for Manchester


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