Easy To Not Be Into Politics When It Hardly Affects You, Right?

Long title, for a heated rant.

I was watching a Youtuber that I really enjoy and she said that she's not into politics and that she doesn't take part in the process because to her the whole thing is "stupid". Now while I can usually watch someone and enjoy their content while not agreeing with them on some things this sent me into questioning if I could watch her but also question if I might not like her at all.

Now you might think that's a bit much and I'm overreacting. Well, think of it this way. Due to the fact that I'm a young woman of color living in a lower middle class area (but honestly it's bordering on poor at this point) and I live everyday in a political space because of those things, I can't turn a blind eye to politics. I can't not take part in it. Everyday is a political battle for me. As I try to make a place in the world, when I'm out and I need to make it home safely, if I show my face in a mostly white area knowing that one rotten person could cause me to be bombarded with abuse. Not to mention police brutality and discrimination of every kind can befall me, needless to say politics is something I've been aware of and apart of my whole life in one way or another.

I can't close my eyes, block my ears and be ignorant to what's happening but this Youtuber whom I used to like but not so much anymore, she can ignore it because either way she'll make it somehow. No matter what happens, she can still make a way for herself. I on the other hand, am constantly fighting for a place to just exist so I'm not so lucky as to call politics stupid and ignore it all.

Maybe if more people would give a damn and didn't feel the need to call something so important stupid, perhaps there'd be more good in the world. Perhaps the individual who's in office wouldn't have been elected. Perhaps we'd be further along as a nation. But no, people with privilege want to turn their nose at the process and refuse to take a stand. As a bystander, you're no better than the abusers and the jerks. Remember that.


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